Wise Ways with Jacquie Wise

Integrative coach, counsellor and speaker

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The Wise Way approach is designed uniquely to suit your priorities, your pace and your preferences. The focus is on solutions to help you define your values and goals with clarity, and reach them with confidence.


Learn Wise Ways to enhance harmony in your intimate, family, friendship or work relationships and turn conflict into co-operation. Heal issues that keep you from lasting and fulfilling relationships.


The Wise Way integrates consulting, coaching, mentoring or training to meet individual and organisational needs and objectives. Recommendations can be made to management for procedural improvements.


The Wise Way is a grounded framework to follow a path with heart, and to reconnect you with your sense of meaning, purpose, soul\'s journey and innate spiritual intelligence.

It is the decisions we make, not the conditions of our life that shape our destiny. - Jacquie Wise